I live and work a portfolio life – which I think means I appear to do a few different, apparently unconnected, things.  Mainly I divide my time between running a consulting network,  farming, researching and writing.  My consulting network is about developing leadership and change capabilities to make real and practical progress on the difficult, so-called intractable, issues we face in complex social systems.  I farm 52 acres in the heart of Monmouthshire following permaculture principles, and I am developing this into a place for growing skills for sustainable futures.  I research and write mainly, at the moment, on leading complex projects or change processes, with posts at Ashridge Business School Centre for Action Research and University of Leeds Engineering Projects Academy.  I cannot wire a plug, but I have led in some complex organisations (and I can read instructions…)

Through the last twenty five years, I’ve been a social activist, management and organisation development practitioner, consultant, researcher, writer, non-executive director and chair of a health board, mother of three, and part-time farmer.  This rich and diverse mix of activities connects and intertwines to feed my curiosity to understand, support and sustain the practical things that work – to create and support organisations and communities fit to house our human spirits, to foster social justice and a fair world and to learn how live a more sustainable life.


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  1. John Abu Mahama says:

    work is inevitable as long as we live but it is important to know when to do what for maximum benefit and satisfaction

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