Power and Love and Adam Kahane

Last week, I was delighted to have wangled an invitation (thanks to the power of networks!)  to a LUBS CIHM network event with Adam Kahane, who is doing the rounds in the UK at the moment, promoting his new book Power and Love: a theory and practice for social change.   Adam has worked in some of the most conflicted and war-torn parts of the world – South Africa, Guatemala, Israel, India and this is another great book from him.  Like Solving Tough Problems, it’s a lovely mix of that same compelling story telling but with a more explicit layer of analysis and direction for our practice.

Some highlights for me:

“The main question is this: how do we create processes that are simultaneously systemic, participative, emergent?”

“If you’re not part of the problem, then you can’t be part of the solution!”

“There are four ways of talking and four ways of listening – but we’re not used to making distinctions in the receptive, or the feminine, function”

The Four ways of talking and listening – downloading; debating; dialoguing; presencing

“…listening intently to the sacred within each of us, as if it were the highest potential of the system as a whole…”

“What is most personal is most universal”

“We tend to inhabit the world with lights on our heads – but they’re not lights, they’re projectors….”

The Power and Love stance, in short, to paraphrase Edwin Freedman (Adam’s early teacher) “Taking a stand, whilst staying in touch“.


About suepritchard

I live a portfolio life: researcher, writer, consultant, organic/permaculture farmer, single mother of three grown-ups and social activist..... My main work is running SULEiS, a consulting network for building leadership and change capability, inside and outside traditional organisations, to make practical progress on the difficult issues.
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  1. spralle says:

    I am going to enjoy following your Blog’s – interesting read! x BagPod

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