Getting started

Finally got round to setting up a blog.  I’m hoping that this will be more dynamic than trying to edit and adjust web pages.  Still feel a bit new to all this…

A couple of months ago, I set up Suleis – – a new consulting network for building leadership and change capability to make real and practical progress on the difficult issues in complex systems.

Our first big job together was a two day research conference generously hosted by RUSI,, and partnering with Ashridge Business School and the International Centre of Complex Project Management.  The central question of the research conference – called Exploring the Complexity in Complex Projects – was “why is it that, in spite of all the investment in excellent project management, do some of the most national-critical, politically-sensitive, multi -million dollar projects still fail to deliver to expectations?” Participants gathered from across sectors and around the world – defence, technology, intelligence, research, engineering, infrastructure, health, local government, education, publishing, third sector – to share their expertise, experience and insights – and their questions, issues and challenges.

It was a great gathering – inspiring, engaging and full of energy to continue to work together and to widen the circle of inclusion to involve other participants in the research.

For my part, it was such a pleasure to be working with enthusiastic, committed and supportive colleagues – old and new – in a way that was really congruent with the notion of complexity.  Don’t tell anyone, but truth is, with all that’s happened in the last few months, we hadn’t had a great deal of time, in the end, to do all the planning, preparation and rehearsal that you might expect in a team-facilitated event….  And so the design and the delivery was a bit more ’emergent’ than usual…  But the trust, confidence, respect and – hell, yes – sense of humour and irreverence that draws us together in this network gave us the ‘connective tissue’ we needed to do a good job.

Looking forward to next steps….in the wonderful Library at RUSI


About suepritchard

I live a portfolio life: researcher, writer, consultant, organic/permaculture farmer, single mother of three grown-ups and social activist..... My main work is running SULEiS, a consulting network for building leadership and change capability, inside and outside traditional organisations, to make practical progress on the difficult issues.
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